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Chasing a wild Hog is what this festival is all about.  A major crowd attraction.

Here are some facts about the wild boar you may find interesting.

Texas has more wild hogs than any other state. Huge boars with big tusks, from 2 to 4 inches, makes a big “trophy” for hunters. Wild boar is the main reason Sabinal, Texas is proclaimed as “Wild Boar Capitol”.  It is believed that this area has not only the largest number of wild boars but also the largest number of ‘trophy boar’ than anywhere else in Texas.


Known as the ”poor man’s grizzly bear” wild boar is one of the toughest, smartest, most tenacious and certainly the most aggressive critters of all the great outdoors. These nocturnal animals have their own preferences to live by. Sows (female boar) roams in herds with younger ones while the big boar prefer to be alone or move in small groups. A hog’s sense of smell and hearing are more acute than those of a whitetail deer.  It should be no surprise that the boar is now ranked as the second most sought after animal in Texas.


Hunting from trees is very common in the Sabinal area.  Chances are better during the half and full moon nights than during the day.  The loud crunching of corn will let you know that hogs are wondering close by.  The average kill runs from 125-175 pounds.  Though 200 to 300 plus pound hogs are also aimed by archers year around in this area.

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