Wild Hog Catching performances are held in 4 sessions over the festival weekend including, morning, afternoon and evening sessions on Saturday and a one-afternoon session on Sunday. The competition kicks off with the children performing. 

how to

  • You and your team partner enter the set-up arena armed with a burlap sack.

  • A hog is set loose into the arena.

  • When a whistle blows, start chasing hog (not the other way around).

  • Catch the hog.

  • Bag hog in the burlap sack.

  • Quickly pull the hog across the finish line.

  • Fastest time wins.


  • On-sight registration on the day of contests ONLY.

  • Registration Fee for each session : $40/team), $5/Children

  • Entrants may only enter one division during any of the three contests and may only chase a hog one time.

  • Runts are 3-5-year-old pigs and Shoats are 6-9-year-old pigs.

  • All entrants MUST sign a waiver statement.

  • There is a three-minute time limit to complete each chase.

  • To promote safety, only sow (i.e. female) hogs are used in the contest.


Division/Age                             Hog sizes (lbs)


Children(3 - 5)                   5

Children (6 - 9 )                 10

Women(any age)              60 - 80

Light Weight(10 - 14)        20 - 45

Middle Weight(15 - 18)    40 - 60

Heavy Weight(any age)    80 -100


Adults                $5.00

Children 6 -11   $3.00

5 and under      FREE


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