Wild Hog Catching performances are held in 4 sessions over the festival weekend including, morning, afternoon and evening sessions on Saturday and a one-afternoon session on Sunday. The competition kicks off with the children performing. 

how to

  • You and your team partner enter the set-up arena armed with a burlap sack.

  • A hog is set loose into the arena.

  • When a whistle blows, start chasing the hog (not the other way around).

  • Catch the hog.

  • Bag hog in the burlap sack.

  • Quickly pull the hog across the finish line.

  • Fastest time wins.


  • On-sight registration on the day of contest ONLY.

  • Registration Fee for each session : $40/team, $5/Children

  • Entrants may enter only 2 times per session. If within the same division, one must wait to enter the second time towards the end of the enrollment period in order to allow everyone the opportunity to enter once. Dual entry may be made in all 4 catching sessions.

  • Runts are 3-5-year-old pigs and Shoats are 6-9-year-old pigs.

  • All entrants MUST sign a waiver statement.

  • There is a three-minute time limit to complete each chase.

  • To promote safety, only sow (i.e. female) hogs are used in the contest.


Division/Age                             Hog sizes (lbs)


Children(3 - 5)                   5

Children (6 - 9 )                 10

Women(any age)              60 - 80

Light Weight(10 - 14)        20 - 45

Middle Weight(15 - 18)    40 - 60

Heavy Weight(any age)    80 -100


Adults                $5.00

Children 6 -11   $3.00

5 and under      FREE