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Sabinal Lions Club

Ultimate World Championship
Take the 4 Gold Buckle winners, plus the next top 8 fastest partnerships and pit them head-to-head for the bragging rights of the 2024 Ultimate World Champion.
12 partnerships from 4 divisions-1 winner from each division. Newly designed Bob Berg buckles for our Ultimate Champions. (See below left).

Congratulations to the 2024 Ultimate World Champions!

 Light: Tristan Davis & Hadley Honaker                         8:7 seconds
Ladies:  Maddie Aasbo & Syndilyn Maguglin             10:7 seconds
Middle: Trent Boyle & Natalie Taylor                 
         10:3 seconds
Heavy: Jason Meyer & Bobby Meyer                            6:5 seconds

See ya March 29 & 30, 2025!

buckle pic.jpg

Years ago, the Sabinal Lions Club was looking for a way to raise money for charities, local community needs and the many organizations that they support.  That’s how the Wild Hog Catching Contest was born.  Over the past decades, the festival has grown and evolved drawing larger crowds each year.


The excitement of the wild hog chase, admiration of arts and crafts shows, the thrill of games and rides, dining experience with a variety of ethnic and local foods are all made possible by the volunteers of the Sabinal Lions Club.

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